18 August 2016

Don’t Get Stuck with Simple Notebook Issues!

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Although computers have become an inevitable part of our lives, still there are certain facts that we are not aware of. Regardless of using a computer, PC, laptop, notebook, etc. since years or using it for the first time in life, you must be facing certain issues related to the machine. There are some circumstances wherein you get stuck and look around for someone reliable to fix the issue for you. However, it's not necessary that every problem should be handled by a technical professional who is an expert in the same; even you can handle certain issues even without much of knowledge.


Here are a few simple tricks and tips to offer you a chance to come out of the glitch of computer issue and expand your computer usage experience. 


  •   Indifferent behaviour - Go to control panel


  •   Booting issue - click Start > Maintenance > Create an emergency bootable system repair disk


  •   Increasing battery life - Run command prompt > type ‘powercfg-energy’ > hit return


  •   Protecting data - Turn on the bitLocker option for the disk drives to restrict access by setting a password


Compared to computers, PCs, and laptops, issues related to notebooks are quite complicated to fix due to their complex fabricated structure. They are too complex to go for do-it-yourself repairs. Thus, repairing a notebook computer requires skilled, expert, and experienced technician which is provided best by MCG Computer. We aim at fast and affordable solution to the problem. If demanded, we can even arrange to collect your notebook and redeliver it to you as soon as the problem is fixed.


MCG Computer specialises in notebook repair Melbourne wide. Right from providing minor services such as changing the settings or preferences to carrying out extensive procedures such as installation, uninstallation, or reinstallation, MCG's professionals address your notebook or laptop related problems.


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