18 August 2016

Extend Your Notebook Computer's Life by Proper Care

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Computer is a machine and faces functional as well as structural problems at some or the other point of time. However, if your system crashes often, runs slowly, connects slow Internet, or frequently experiences any other issues, this is certainly not good for its performance. Such a system can pose threat to your productivity and can hamper your business outputs seriously. Thus, a system must be maintained in a good condition no matter you work individually or for a company.


MCG Computer is one of the recognised IT support firms across Melbourne. We offer a wide range of IT support services and solutions all over Australia. Computer, laptop, and notebook repair is one of our major service areas; we provide notebook repair Melbourne wide.


Most of the problems arising in notebooks are due to poor handling and improper care. If proper care is taken and certain norms are followed, you can extend your notebook's life and keep it working in the best possible condition.


Here are a few guidelines on taking care of your notebook:


ü  Never try a 'drop-test'!

ü  Avoid placing your notebook on your lap, couch, bed, pillow, etc.; in short, any soft surface

ü  Never keep it on continuously for longer; more than a full day or two

ü  Avoid keeping it plugged in all the time

ü  Get your computer's inner components cleaned out by a professional regularly

ü  Never let it come in contact with any liquid!

ü  Always store it in a dry, clean, and safe area

ü  Make a habit to defragment its hard drive on a regular basis 


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