29 April 2017

MCG getting business started on Office 365

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MCG getting business started on Office 365

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Moving to Office 365-Let MCG do it for you

Moving to Office 365 transferrs all your data including emails from your existing office suite to Microsoft Office 365. MCG will take care of all the complexities of setting up the same for your business. The configuration and transfer of your data securely with least interruption and downtime are the important factors which will be managed by our professional team of experts. Our consultants are available to help you with all the queries during this migration process.

MCG is a leading Microsoft Office service provider in Melbourne and also provides ongoing support for Microsoft Office 365.

Office 365 provides access to your work through a browser in the Cloud and finds all your settings and documents just as you left them on your desktop—whether you’re using your tablet, laptop or desktop computer