27 April 2017

In-house, Cloud-based Servers or a Hybrid of the two??

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In-house, Cloud-based Servers or a Hybrid of the two??

In-house, Cloud-based Servers or a Hybrid of the two??

Here are the pros and cons of cloud and in-house servers, including the ‘third way’ of adopting a hybrid approach. Essentially there are three main options when it comes to servers: rely on dedicated local servers; rely on cloud servers; or adopt a hybrid approach and use both.

Dedicated local servers.

Running your own servers is highly convenient, particularly if you are a small or single-location business. It means, for example, that even if your internet connection goes down, you’ll still have fast, secure access to your data.

Use the cloud.

Cloud services give users remote access to server farms (maintained by the provider) that can provide storage, computing, hosting and other services. They allow businesses to communicate and collaborate regardless of physical location.

Use a hybrid approach.

This is combining dedicated on-site servers and remote cloud services to access the advantages of each. This is most commonly used by clients with strict requirements around data storage and data sovereignty. For example, when storing confidential data that must be kept within a particular country or jurisdiction.

MCG can provide the advice to businesses as to what is the best option for their particular needs. We provide consulting, designing and planning advice on setting up and maintaining your IT server networks either in our office or on the