17 January 2021

IPhone 13 - What to possibly expect and price range

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The new iPhone 13 is expected to be released - most likely not to be influenced by Covid - at around September of 2021. There are many features apple fans are excited to see improvements on - particularly the battery life as well as substantial upgrades to the camera. What other things can be expected is what we'll attempt to summarise below - gathered from many sources. 

  • Rumours of an On-screen finger print scanner returning to the latest model has been brought into light according to a report made by Bloomberg. Such a feature was removed since the rollout of the X models as the home button has been removed in favour of a fully occupying screen. 

  • Respectable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from MacRumours remarks an interesting development in the competition between camera lens suppliers which could have an impact on camera improvements. In particular, Genius Electronic Optical is under threat from Largan attempting to "bargain the ASP of iPhone mid-to-high lenses by about 15-25%" with Apple. Such quarry between those two companies, as Ming predicts, could result in a hinder significant upgrades.

  • However it doesn't necessarily mean upgrades are not going to be implemented at all. Ming later goes on to say the lenses would be shifting from an f/2.4 to an f/1.8 - a slight improvement in focal length and aperature ratio. This shift away from camera can allow Apple to focus on improving other areas as well. 
  • The iPhone 13 would come in 4 different ranges. 2 of them would be Pro models and the other two are the mini and normal models. Interestingly, the Pro models are said to have 120Hz refresh rates, and this is due to Apple's shift to LTPO OLED screens which would mean less battery consumption. Such technology is already being implemented in the new Apple watches. 

  • Video by tech reviewer Matt Talks Tech talks about shows the possible prices for each base model. Expect $699 for the 13 Mini, $799 for the 13 normal, $999 for the 13 Pro, $1099 for the 13 Pro Max. 

These are the main features that are rumoured to be integrated onto the next iPhone. Rather than just expect simple changes in hardware like an improved bionic processor, Apple may be adding features once lost in past iphone models as well as new features that involve implementing new technologies. With such rumours one can expect an iPhone fresh of creativity and ingenuity to be announced which is balanced in all areas not just the camera.