18 August 2016

Microsoft Office 2013

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Microsoft Office 2013

The biggest most ambitious Office version so far with all new features which will helps you to make your documents more unique, organised, cleaner and easy to share with Microsoft Office 2013. 


MS Word 2013

Microsoft Word has added  a totally new look with lots of new useful and interesting features to Word 2013.


  • New Read Mode feature: - when you are reviewing your Word documents and reading it on any device, text reflows automatically in the column which makes it  easier to read.
  • Object Zoom :-  when you are reviewing charts, images, videos or tables in Word, just click once and it will be zoom a little more with more detailed information-when you are done then just again to return to it’s original size.
  • Sharing :-With the new feature of Word 2013, you can easily share your document with your work mates, with last document saved in a secure way.




MS Excel 2013

Totally new ways to discover your data more intuitively. Visualize, analyse, and display results with a single click. And when you’re ready, it’s easy to share your freshly discovered insights.


  • Flash Fill :-unbelievable feature of this function which helps you to reformat and rearrange your data then it complete the remaining of your work after learning it and recognizes using no formulas or macros.




  • Visualize:-  This new version of excel has many analysis tools like Recommended Charts , Quick Analysis, Chart Formatting Control etc.
  • These will help you to make it easy to visualize data with ony one click.



MS Powerpoint 2013

Want to make attractive and extraordinary presentations? Simply select a theme, add a creative design varient then insert text & pictures and many more aspects.


  • Power Point comes with new wide screen themes and variants like
    • New Start Screen
    • Theme Variants
    • Alignment Guides
    • Merge Shapes
    • Slide zoom
    • Navigation Grid
    • Auto-extend
    • Simplified Sharing