18 August 2016

Most Common Notebook Computer Problems

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Laptops and computers can often be repaired by using DIY tricks, if the issue is not so major and repairable by the owner. However, notebook computers are relatively more compact and complicated. They follow a complex and fabricated structure that makes them complicated to repair on your own. It's highly difficult to repair your notebook by any random DIY trick, if you don't have enough knowledge about the same. Not only difficult but it is equally risky too; any small mistake can harm your notebook and you may need to pay much more in future. Thus, repairing a notebook demands an expert and MCG Computer could be your best local choice for the same.


At MCG Computer, we have highly qualified, skilled technical professionals to fix your notebook issues at the earliest. Our prompt and guaranteed repair service makes us a leading notebook repairs Melbourne centre.


Here are the most common notebook issues that we generally receive calls for; you may have to deal with any of these at some point or the other:

  • Broken or cracked LCD or notebook display
  • Faint or dim image on notebook LCD
  • Frequent lines on screen
  • Booting failure
  • Error messages
  • Blue screen
  • Random shut down
  • OS failures
  • Virus issue
  • Pop up Windows
  • Spyware
  • Notebook battery charging issues
  • Erratic keys on keyboard
  • Mouse pad issues
  • Non functional optical drive (CD-ROM, DVD-RW, etc)
  • Broken casing, hinges, latches etc. of notebook
  • Resolder or repair AC jack
  • Hard drive failures
  • Fan assembly failure

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