18 August 2016

Protecting the Keyboard of Your Notebook

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Keyboard is an essential part of a good working computer system. If it is not working properly or is damaged badly, working on computer becomes difficult. Keyboard is handled the most by user and thus, it has to be protected to prevent any damage. Certain damages are minor and you can repair them even with a little technical knowledge. However, most of the damages are out of DIY repairs and have to be immediately taken to a pro for a reliable fix.


MCG Computer, a leading IT support firm across Melbourne, also specialises in computer, laptop, and notebook repairs. Due to our expert, best quality, and guaranteed notebook computer repairs, we are recognised as one of the best notebook repair Melbourne centres.


Let's now see what the common threats to the keyboard of your notebook are:

  • Dust
  • Spilling of liquids
  • Humidity
  • Falling of heavy objects on keyboard
  • Missing of one or more keys from the keyboard


And here are the top precautions you need to follow so as to keep your notebook computer safe for years:

  •  Get a keyboard cover, only if it is able to cover every part of the keyboard
  •  Never abuse the keyword keys
  •  Avoid exerting too much pressure on the caps of keyboard
  •  Avoid placing eatables and drinkables around the computer
  •  Do not exert pressure on the touch pad of the keyboard, it is the most sensitive part of keyboard

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