18 August 2016

Simple Tips to Keep Your Notebook Away from Issues

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Are you dealing with a problem in your laptop or notebook? Does it run slowly or take a lot of time to start up? Do you often deal with the slow moving Internet connection? These and many similar issues may play disaster in your work. No matter you are working individually or for a business, frequent problems in the system lead to loss of productivity which directly affects in terms of money. As soon as your system goes down or encounters with some issue, it's advisable to call the repairer immediately; you can also check out if the issue is resolvable by any DIY repair technique. Calling an authorised repairer speeds up the recovery of the system.


MCG Computer is one of the best notebook repair Melbourne centres. We deal with computers, laptops, PCs, servers, and notebooks. Notebooks are usually too complex to go for any DIY repairs and need an expert due to their complicated internal structure. We have skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable technicians to work on them who are committed to fix the problem and redeliver your machine at its earliest.


Following certain tips can keep your notebook away from most of the issues:


ü     Do conduct regular backups

ü     Never use your notebook in dusty environment

ü     Prefer using the original power supply

ü     Do not ever disassemble your notebook yourself! 

ü     Do not ever block its ventilation holes!

ü     When your notebook comes in contact with a liquid, immediately power it off, disconnect the main power supply, and take out its battery. Contact the repairer as soon as possible

ü     If your notebook is becoming too hot these days, immediately check out the fans for defect, and replace them at the earliest so as to prevent the reduction in its life expectancy