19 April 2021

Support for the New Style of Business

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Our re-designed support services are unlike any other services available in the industry. We have simplified our portfolio to be easier to understand, easier to align to your business needs and easier to buy. They also are more personalised, delivering the right information you need when and where you need it. The services are also more proactive, with a focus on preventing issues from occurring, improving performance, and quickly resolving any issues that arise. With a combination of experts and technology, we have revolutionised the way technology support is delivered for systems and for entire data centres. In essence, you receive the right support experience for the new style of IT, making you ready for anything.

Our support services are focused on helping you achieve two major goals:

  1. Maximising availability of the infrastructure.
  2. Evolving your infrastructure over time

NEW - What is HPE Pointnext Tech Care?

From April 4th, 2021 the HPE Foundation Care and Proactive Care on all "DL" ProLiant Servers will be replaced by HPE Pointnext Tech Care.

HPE Pointnext Tech Care (HPE Tech Care) is the operational support experience for HPE hardware and software products (HPE products). HPE Tech Care helps IT teams focus on moving the business forward by proactively searching for better ways to do things, as opposed to just focusing on reactive issues.

The HPE Pointnext Tech Care service provides a general set of features along with hardware and/or software specific features, based on the technology under support and if the product is a hardware, software, or both.

General Features:

  • Phone access to experts
  • Expert online chat^
  • Expert forum response^
  • General technical guidance
  • HPE InfoSight assistance*
  • HPE InfoSight predictive alerts*
  • Automated incident logging*
  • Tech tips knowledge library^
  • Access to electronic support information and services^
  • Outage management (critical service level only)

For HPE products covered by HPE Tech Care, HPE offers three service levels tailored to the Customer’s operational requirements:





  • Critical to business operations
  • Outage may trigger compliance penalties, permanent data loss, or significant rework

24x7 Direct connect to product expert

Product Outage Management

6hr HW repair commitment



  • Business accepts some risk
  • Redundancy on critical components

24x7 Direct connect to product expert

Standard elevation

4hr onsite commitment



  • Business impact is inconvenient; or
  • High levels of redundancy designed into environment

9x5 access to product expert

Standard elevation

NBD onsite commitment