05 May 2022

Unique AI/ML solutions for your business

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Unique AI/ML solutions for your business

The embrace of digital communications and an increasing array of IOT edge-based devices brings with it a rapid increase in the quantity of data being created. Most businesses have successfully accommodated the massive increases in data volumes flowing through their networks and data centres with the rise of pervasive mobility, a trend set to accelerate with 5G. Many are also adept at analysing data to optimise their content and improve customer service.

Many organisations are sitting on a wealth of data, but they often lack the tools and technology needed to monetise and unlock their full potential. New ways to leverage this valuable asset extend far beyond what many businesses have achieved so far. Companies can't fully realise new data-fuelled opportunities without the appropriate AI/ML solutions.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is consistently reimagining and advancing how people live and work. With expertise across the cloud and the edge, HPE is the global edge-to-cloud company that delivers open and intelligent technology solutions. HPE provides the technology which enables organisations to implement new business models and increase operational performance. This allows businesses to extract the full value from their data, leading to greater efficiencies at scale and new revenue streams.

Building on the demand for intelligent data and analytics momentum, HPE's acquisitions and partnerships with industry leaders in data-centric AI/ML-driven solutions include:

  • Silver Peak, a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)
  • Zerto, cloud data management, and protection
  • Ampool, Structured Query Language (SQL) analytics engine
  • Determined AI, deep learning development with usage of its open-source Machine Learning (ML) platform
  • CloudPhysics, smarter IT across on-premises and cloud

Building a new data fabric

Silver Peak

The evolving nature of the hybrid workplace, cloud-first IT architectures, and the need for supporting a mobile work-from-anywhere workforce are driving enterprises to extend connectivity to branch locations and rethink the network edge.

Silver Peak, a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), and now an extended part of Aruba, strengthens the offering of Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform). It helps businesses advance their cloud transformation with a comprehensive edge-to-cloud networking solution covering all aspects of wired to wireless local area networking (LAN) and wide-area networking (WAN).

When it comes to simplicity, scalability, and application-awareness at the edge, Aruba through the Silver Peak solution delivers a singular vision. With the incorporation of Silver Peak's self-driving SD-WAN, WAN optimisation solutions, and Aruba's SD-Branch, coupled with the remote worker solutions, businesses will be able to transform their business operations and expand their service offerings (and revenue streams) without compromise.


Ensuring data safety and privacy is an important consideration for all types and sizes of businesses. Zerto offers continuous data protection. It advances disaster recovery capabilities, and data mobility in a single, simple cloud data management and protection software solution that spans on-premise, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

Zerto's protection software and cloud data management are available as-a-service through the HPE GreenLake platform and the Data Services Cloud Console. It's also available as a standalone service. Zerto further expands HPE's data management and disaster recovery capabilities, thus positioning HPE GreenLake's edge-to-cloud platform in the high-growth data protection market, giving customers the ability to protect their data from the edge to the cloud as they pursue new market opportunities.


The explosion of data and cloud capabilities corresponds to the influx in demand for data analytics services with cloud-like operations.

To meet this demand, Ampool has built an innovative, scalable, data federation layer designed to deliver a cloud-native, high-performance Structured Query Language (SQL) analytics engine for data engineers and business analysts. SQL continues to be a predominant database workload in many organisations. However, in the last decade alone, the nature of SQL-based interactive workloads has changed dramatically, putting forward challenges of high data movement costs and data residency requirements.

Ampool, as part of the HPE Ezmeral software organisation, plays a key role in improving the quality, repeatability, throughput, and speed to value for HPE customers' AI/ML, analytics. It also supports data-intensive workloads by accelerating the HPE Ezmeral analytics runtime for interactive SQL workloads. By establishing an open-source-based, IP-rich capability, the HPE Ezmeral software portfolio offers better end-to-end analytics in fast-growing sectors.

Determined AI

To fuel this new digital era, organisations are turning to AI-powered technologies to turn data into available and actionable insights. Determined AI's answer to this demand is a unique open-source machine learning (ML) platform that accelerates time-to-production by removing the complexity of ML development.

With Determined AI's unique software solution alongside HPE's world-leading AI and high-performance computing (HPC), ML engineers can quickly implement and train machine learning models to provide faster and more accurate insights from their data and deliver business value in almost any industry.

By combining Determined AI's open-source capabilities, HPE is moving closer to its goal of making AI heterogeneous and allowing ML engineers to build AI models on a bigger scale.

Through HPE GreenLake cloud services for High-Performance Computing (HPC), HPE is making HPC and AI solutions more accessible and affordable to the commercial market by providing fully managed services that can run in a data centre, a colocation facility, or at the edge via the HPE GreenLake edge to cloud platform.


To empower businesses with more accurate data-driven insights, HPE acquired CloudPhysics, a SaaS-based, data-driven platform for smarter IT across on-premise and cloud. CloudPhysics' SaaS solution can generate insights in as little as 15 minutes that transform procurement cycles with data-driven insights. CloudPhysics provides data that helps customers upgrade, repair and adapt data centre infrastructure in line with your historical business activity. It can also help customers model their exact infrastructure as a virtual environment, machine by machine, to provide data needed to decide between cloud and on-premises infrastructures.

Through increased visibility and understanding, HPE reimagines the business and the relationships with their suppliers. Businesses can attain a more efficient IT infrastructure and significantly increased return on investment (ROI).


The selection, integration, and deployment of new AI/ML solutions can be challenging without the right expertise. When organisations do not have the necessary in-house skill sets, they are prevented from using AI to build new data services and unlock new revenue streams. As your knowledgeable IT partner, we can assist with the acquisition of solutions with built-in AI/ML that deliver valuable insights and capabilities to help your business transform. We'll make sure you avoid common pitfalls including technology debt associated with escalating transformation costs and a creeping increase in scope. We'll work with you to focus on the areas of your business that are best suited and ready for digital transformation.