18 August 2016

What Does the Notebook Warranty Include?

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Regardless of how gentle we are while handling and using our computers, laptops, and notebooks, it's almost inevitable that sooner or later the machine would face some problem, structural or functional. Thus, the purchase is not over just by buying a computer, laptop, or notebook. Hence, it is critical to buy an extended warranty and extra care coverage to protect your investment in it.


A basic notebook computer warranty and service in general include below things:

  • One year of protection from the date of receiving the machine
  • Hardware support for whatever defects in the notebook or workmanship
  • Access to some type of technical support such as call-in, email, or chat
  • Mail-in repair service
  • Troubleshooting via phone call
  • Return and replacement when the machine is simply dead (non-working) on arrival (DOA)


A basic notebook computer warranty does not include:

  • Onsite or at-home repair service and fix
  • When the machine drops accidentally or spilling breaks it
  • Loss of machine; fire, theft, power issues, or any other incidence
  • When your machine faces an issue and you are located in another country
  • Installing software from third party or removing viruses


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