22 January 2021

What Tesla has in plan for 2021

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Tesla has quite a lineup of EV's hopefully to be released this year - some are significant improvements to its original model and others are completely new and unique. Here is a summary of Tesla's new EV's:

1. Tesla model 3 P100D

A new and improved version of the model 3, this mid-size car promises more speed, power and range. It will also come with Tesla's new ludicrous mode which would allows greater acceleration. All of this is thanks to modifications in the battery pack of the car which can now generate 100kW.

2. Cybertruck


The cybertruck, as we all know, raises a few eyebrows for its blocky stainless steal design - and one must not forget that hiliarious moment when Elon first unveiled the truck back in 2019. It has been 2 years since then, and one should hopefully look towards the benefits this truck can bring - mainly its design as an EV. As en electric vehicle, the cybertruck is guaranteed to be efficient in its fuel consumption -  carrying with it a massive lithium ion battery pack (120/240 volt). There is also a solar roof option which adds 24 km of extra range per day.  Owning this comes with the added benefit of being able to access an extensive charging network around the globe - allowing you to quickly refuel the truck anywhere you go. There are currently 14,000 superchargers worldwide. So there is more to this EV than meets the eye - and if anything, the design of the car would give less drag when driving as it is more aerodynamic.

3. Tesla Model "plaid" X or S

The tesla plaid is a fast car with very impressive specs. It can go up to 320km/h at a distance ot over 840 km; and most of all it boasts the quickest 0-100 km/h and quarter mile acceleration of any production car ever. With the added benefit of traveling at a long range, it makes it attractive to travellers who need to make very long trips.  All of this is possible due to the implementation of a 3rd motor within the car. This all-rounded good car can be pro ordered right now in their website. 

4. Tesla Model Y SUV


The goal for the model Y is for it to drive like a sports car that you'd dream of but have the practicality and functionality of an SUV. It also protection through a low centre of gravity and its rigid body. Not only is it safe but is is very spacious being able to fit max 7 people.

5. Tesla semi truck

It is said that semi trucks are a linchpin to the transporting industry - needing to travel long distances but burn a lot of fuel in the process. WIth its streamlined, aerodynamic design and ability to travel nearly 1000km, this efficient EV can be a gamechanger. With its state of completion, it is heading to manufacturing early 2021.

6. Telsa Roadster 2.0

An upgrade of the 2008 Roadster, it is said to go from 0-97km/h in 1.9 seconds which would make it faster than any other street legal car out there. The base specs on Tesla's website is jawdropping indeed - to think that an EV can achieve what the specs details.