05 May 2022

Accelerate Digital Transformation in Today's Distributed Cloud World

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Accelerate Digital Transformation in Today's Distributed Cloud World

Today, however, true digital transformation requires more than just the public cloud.

As the pace of business and rate of change continue to drive unprecedented growth, a new model is required, one designed to manage billions of people and devices that continually create and share data.

The new model that supports the next wave of digital transformation is available now from HPE. By delivering a hybrid cloud (public + private) experience to applications and data everywhere, HPE eliminates complexity and silos, while also driving speed and agility using common tools, processes, and automation—all delivered as a service.

Define and move to your right mix

HPE Pointnext Services

Finding the right mix of clouds requires experience and insight into how your business operates can be complex. The first step is defining your business goals and identifying the challenges associated with achieving them. Depending on the scale of the project, we can help you leverage specialised resources from HPE Pointnext Services. The final step is moving to the right mix of clouds through a strategy which is specifically tailored to your business needs.

We will work with HPE Pointnext Services cloud and technology experts to determine the right mix for your business objectives, assess existing IT, people and teams to identify critical gaps in your cloud journey. We can also help migrate and move to a cost-saving consumption model by leveraging the experience gained during 1,000+ cloud transformation projects.

Create modern, right-fit, agile platforms for innovation

To reach the modern cloud experience, HPE delivers a portfolio of Intel®-powered, software-defined, composable, and optimised infrastructure platforms that support HPE IP and leading hybrid cloud partner solutions, including VMware® and Microsoft.

HPE, VMware, and Microsoft work together to provide a simple experience for hybrid cloud, so businesses can create and deliver new value instantly and continuously to achieve faster innovation, consistent operations and reduced cost.

The right compute options for your hybrid cloud solution

There are a variety of cloud solutions and compute options available through HPE and we can help you identify which is the best fit for your business.

VMware Cloud Foundation™

Proven to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), VMware Cloud Foundation is a hybrid cloud platform designed to manage virtual machines (VMs) and orchestrate containers. By delivering enterprise agility, reliability, and efficiency from initial deployment through Day 2 operations, VMware Cloud Foundation helps businesses deploy the full software-defined stack as the foundation of their private cloud.

Together, HPE and VMware have revolutionised the data centre by building a single,

consistent hybrid cloud experience that simplifies both on-premises systems with software-defined infrastructure, powered by Intel, and hybrid cloud through VMware Cloud Foundation

Through optimised platforms—HPE Synergy and HPE ProLiant for VMware Cloud

Foundation—HPE offers the ability to leverage the benefits of a software-defined composable bladed and rack-optimised infrastructure. With these workload-optimised platforms, businesses can build a secure and scalable private cloud based on VMware’s software-defined data centre (SDDC) stack.

HPE ProLiant with VMware Cloud Foundation

To provide a highly scalable software-defined hybrid solution in a highly reliable rack-based form factor, HPE and VMware deliver the VMware Cloud Foundation on HPE ProLiant DL servers, powered by Intel. This solution supports effective and reliable firmware lifecycle management, and it can help maintain compliance by easily detecting firmware and drivers drift across the VMware ESXi™ hosts in the cluster and swiftly remediate them.

With HPE ProLiant-based hybrid clouds, businesses benefit from easy, repeatable, and expandable deployment, integrated VMware management and enhanced agility, and automated firmware lifecycle management workflow.

HPE Synergy with VMware Cloud Foundation

As the first composable infrastructure certified for VMware Cloud Foundation, HPE Synergy delivers seamless integration with VMware’s industry-leading cloud software.

As the first solution in the industry to bring this level of simplicity and flexibility in managing SDDC environments, HPE Synergy brings the power of composability natively to VMware Cloud Foundation.

With HPE Synergy, businesses can deploy an enterprise-ready private cloud solution that future-proofs infrastructure, simplifies deployment, reduces cost, and increases automation through software-defined composability.

Azure Stack HCI

Azure Stack HCI is a new hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) operating system delivered as an Azure service that provides the latest security, performance, and feature updates. Deploy and run Windows and Linux® virtual machines (VMs) in your data centre or at the edge using your existing tools, processes, and skill sets.

Azure Stack HCI on HPE ProLiant

Get the convenience of a hyperconverged infrastructure to run private and hybrid cloud on a workload optimised platform—HPE ProLiant. This intelligent compute foundation delivers unmatched workload optimisation, security, and automation, all available as a service. Businesses benefit from:

  • Easier adoption of new common workloads with this simple yet high-performing infrastructure
  • Easier infrastructure planning with multiple validated server configurations from Intel and AMD
  • Deployment and configuration guidance through technical white papers and other
  • published documentation and training
  • Speed and agility delivered through HPE GreenLake as a service, offload the burden of operating IT, and pay only for the resources consumed

Build your hybrid cloud with unmatched security and ease of management

Silicon root of trust

Based on Intel® Xeon®-powered Gen10 servers integrating the silicon root of trust technology, HPE ProLiant and HPE Synergy offer protection, detection, and recovery from attacks with industry-leading encryption and firmware protection. HPE’s additional protection looks for a silicon fingerprint that verifies that all firmware code is valid and uncompromised. If the system fails that initial validation point, alerts are automatically sent to administrators.

HPE OneView

Designed to automate tasks and accelerate business, HPE OneView is an integrated IT management solution that transforms compute, storage, and networking into software-defined infrastructure. With the HPE OneView automation engine, a single line of code can fully describe and compose all the physical resources required for an application, a virtual host, or a container infrastructure—making physical infrastructure programmable.

Consume everything as a service

A critical component of HPE’s holistic digital transformation strategy, HPE GreenLake is a consumption-based as-a-service offering that brings the cloud to you. As a self-serve, pay-per-use service, HPE GreenLake allows businesses to scale cloud resources to meet demand. HPE GreenLake manages the cloud for you—controlling everything from apps and data in edges, co-locations, and data centres. With HPE GreenLake, you can free up capital, boost operational and financial flexibility, and unleash talent to accelerate what is next for your business.

There are also packages available for several other types of workloads, including storage, backup, database management, Big Data, private cloud, and high-performance computing (HPC).

​​Providing a consistent cloud experience for all apps and data through an online operations console, HPE GreenLake Central is an advanced software platform that runs, manages, and optimises your entire hybrid cloud estate. This self-service portal can provision instances and redeploy resources in on-premises environments with the same speed and agility as off-premises. It also enables you to complete complex cost, compliance, and security analysis across the HPE GreenLake pay-per-use private cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

HPE GreenLake and Azure Stack HCI hyperconverged solution delivers a virtualisation platform for Windows and Linux with native integration with Azure Arc and Azure monitor, and leading technology from HPE, delivered as a service.

With HPE GreenLake, businesses benefit from:

  • Intuitive, unified, self-service portal (HPE GreenLake Central)
  • HPE GreenLake hybrid cloud, helping companies get the most value from the cloud by gaining speed and innovation without the typical high costs, steep learning curve, and unintended risks
  • Scaling resources up and down as necessary to keep capacity ahead of demand
  • Management and governance services that operate the solutions for you
  • Rich portfolio of HPE GreenLake cloud services delivered in edges, co-locations, and data centres

Flexible IT investment solutions create financial vitality

Get the tech you need and do more with your IT budget. With flexible IT investment solutions from HPE Financial Services, you can have the freedom to move quickly and stay agile, the strength to pivot, and the confidence that your business is always ready for what’s next.

We can help accelerate your digital transformation

Moving to the cloud is no longer a matter of why, but of when and how. Cloud promises speed, agility, and cost savings—but realising the full value of cloud requires solving difficult challenges such as data gravity, security, compliance with regulations, cost management, and the need for organisational change.

As your IT partner, together with HPE Pointnext Services, we can help you identify the right steps to take in achieving your business objectives via digital transformation. We can help you define your problem and access specialised resources to ensure you meet your business goals.