Network Evaluation & Audits

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Please watch this one minute video to see how MCG can assess whether your IT system is operating effectively to achieve your business goals. MCG’s free network evaluation and audit covers the main components of your computer and network systems and results in a strategy and action plan which MCG will help you to enact.

Network Evaluation & Audits

Network Evaluation and Audit is an examination of an IT infrastructure’s overall environment, assets, system controls and performances, as well as applicable software licenses.  The analysis of the evidence obtained during the audit determines if there are gaps in your information systems and a Technology Management Strategy and Plan is developed to ensure that your IT assets are operating effectively.

MCG does this by:

  • Reviewing the design, configuration and implementation of your network systems.
  • Checking that the businesses computing facilities operate in a controlled and efficient manner.
  • Assessing whether data held on computing and communication facilities is stored in a secure and controlled manner.
  • Reviewing IT system security including location of computing and communication facilities, data storage and backups.
  • If applicable, auditing compliance by staff with the site's IT policies, such as file access permissions, group and password policies.
  • Preparing a detailed asset listings for all servers and desktop computers.
  • Reviewing your printer network configuration to ensure their productive utilisation.
  • Present findings and a Technology Management Strategy and Plan  with recommendations.
  • Assist you to enact the Plan and ensure its actions are completed.
Network Security Audit

Network Evaluation and IT Audits Melbourne

Benefit of Network Evaluation and Audit

  • Safeguard your information systems, assets, maintain data integrity, and operate effectively to achieve your business goals.
  • Ensure network performance is meeting the demands of business operations.
  • Fill any gaps in the technology used by the business.
  • Provide future actions to ensure that investments in IT assets and information, including what is documented for future reference, are protected.

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