Virus Scanning & Removal

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Please watch this one minute video, which shows how MCG’s virus scanning programs and its IT Engineers can help ensure that viruses never infect your computers and networks, protecting your business from data loss and unnecessary stress

Virus Scanning & Removal

Virus scanning and removal ensures that your antivirus software is fully updated, properly configured and monitored to make sure that viruses never affect your computer systems and networks.

A computer virus:

  •  is a self-replicating software/program containing codes that explicitly copy themselves and infect and damage your software programs. 
  • Does this by modifying your software or its environment so that a call for an infected program/software also calls for a copy of the virus.

MCG engineers from our Melbourne office protects against damage to your computer system by:

  • Scan for viruses and detect and remove any intrusion or unwanted programs from your computer.
  • Remove spyware, pop-ups and adware
  • Recommending and installing appropriate anti-viral programs from vendors such as MacAfee, Kaspersky, AVG, Trend Micro, and Symantec. 
  • Provide a scheduled scanning program for your business will help ensure that viruses never reach your computer and networks.
  • Carrying out a system tune-up.
South Melbourne Scan and Remove Virus

Scan and Remove Virus in South Melbourne

Benefits of Virus scanning and removal

  • Decrease the chances of data loss, file damage and possible corrupting other computers/programs.
  • Protect the value of your business data from total or partial loss.
  • Reduce the stress of doing business.
  • Maintain business productivity by reducing downtime from virus infection.

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