Cloud Computing

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Introduction to Cloud Computing

Please watch this one minute video which explains how cloud computing works and how it can benefit your business by making your IT much easier and affordable to operate.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is affordable, off-site computer storage, via the internet for hosting applications, data storage, software development platforms that can be accessed on-demand by any of your users

MCG does this by setting up one platform of cloud computing for your business, provided either at MCG or built on your site by us.

We can do this in a staged process firstly using virtualisation to consolidate your servers to run multiple applications on each server instead of just one.  This increases the utilization rate of, and gets more value from, every server, which dramatically reduces the number of servers needed racked, powered, cooled and managed.

MCG provides cloud computing from our data-centres in Melbourne, integrated by a high-performance private network.

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Cloud Computing Services South Melbourne

Cloud computing for your business, offers you endless possibilities, such as:

  • A cloud-computing layer with exactly the number of cores (all 2.0GHz or faster), RAM, and local or SAN storage, which your application requires
  • Deployment in real-time, with hourly or monthly billing
  • Image management system of any server whether on premise or cloud deployed, scaled and/or migrated in whichever direction you choose
  • No matter where your on-premise servers are, they can be connected as if they are in one rack—without any back-end network reconfiguration.

Cloud computing gives increased:

  • Flexibility, elasticity and scalability to optimize your business efficiency and best serve the needs of your business.
  • Access by your staff to your applications and data
  • Security of data for your specific requirements
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