18 August 2016

Take Advantage of Multiple Benefits of Hosted Exchange

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Are you aware of hosted exchange? It's a technological service in which the service provider creates a Microsoft email box for you and avails the space for clients to host their data on the respective server. All this is managed by the hosted exchange service provider. Your emails that you need to access are routed to your computer or mobile phone through a technology known as 'push' technology. In short, hosted exchange allows you to access your emails and address book, manage your tasks, and documents. MCG Computer provides cheap hosted exchange services.


For hosted exchange, the basic machine you need is an exchange server. This server helps you facilitate the administration of data and protection of communication. Both of these ultimately lead to build customer satisfaction which is one of the best business outputs.


MCG Computers, being one of the leading IT outsourcing firms, offers cheap hosted exchange services across Australia through reliable and recognised channel partners. We offer you multiple benefits with our hosted exchange:


ü  Flexible, reliable IT platform

ü  Anywhere access

ü  Risk management with protection 

ü  Compliance capabilities

ü  Low IT costs 


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