18 August 2016

Take Good Care of Your Notebook

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Have you got a new notebook computer? It's great to work on a new machine! However, it's advisable that you get to know about all the commonly arising issues with notebooks and also know how to take good care of your new notebook for its general wellbeing. Regarding any structural or functional problem in notebook, computer, laptop, PC, servers, etc., MCG Computer is always ready to assist you.


We are among some recognised notebook repair Melbourne centres and offer reliable service in the same. We ensure guaranteed fix to the issue at its earliest.


Working individually or for a company has certain deadlines and productivity demands. However, if you face system issues frequently, it hampers your efficiency and productivity.

Thus, taking good care of your computer regularly helps you stay away from most of the system issues and maintain it in a good condition always.

Here are a few tips to keep your notebook fit for working:

¸ Conduct regular backups

¸ Avoid usage in dusty environment

¸ Using the original power supply is always good

¸ Never disassemble your notebook yourself!

¸ Never block the ventilation holes!

¸ If your notebook comes in contact with a liquid, immediately power it off,

disconnect the main power supply, and take out its battery. Contact the

repairer as soon as possible

¸ If your notebook becomes too hot, immediately check out the fans for


whatever defect and replace them at the earliest so as to prevent the

reduction in its life expectancy


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